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What is a Day Porter, and How is it Different from a Custodian?

Around most office buildings, words like day porter and custodian are sometimes used interchangeably. But professionals within the commercial janitorial services industry understand the differences between the two, including the unique responsibilities and duties that accompany each role. Despite the confusion around the positions, there are a few stark contrasts. Read on as we answer one of the most frequently asked questions we hear, “What is a day porter, and how is it different from a custodian?”

What is a day porter?

The best way to think of a day porter is like a facility coordinator or the face of the company. The day porter’s responsibilities will vary by the day or even by the hour, but some of the most common tasks include restocking restrooms, straightening customer- or employee-facing areas, greeting guests and running facility-related errands. Because of those duties, day porters will usually be on-site during work hours when employees or guests are present. And since this person does receive face time with key stakeholders, it’s imperative that the day porter represent the company’s values and commitment to service.

How is a day porter different from a custodian?

While there is undoubtedly some overlap of responsibilities between a day porter and custodian, the custodian’s tasks are more focused on maintenance and sanitation. For instance, the day porter might restock bathroom supplies like paper towels in the middle of the day, but the custodian is responsible for cleaning the bathroom. While the day porter keeps public areas neat and tidy, the custodian handles deep cleaning the space between shifts or when there’s less foot traffic.

A custodian might also possess handyman skills, including the ability to complete minor facility repairs or even small painting projects. Custodians are also typically asked to handle equipment like buffers, vacuums, blowers, sidewalk sweepers and carpet cleaners, which goes outside the scope of most day porters.

Unlike the day porter, who mainly works during regular office hours, many custodians will arrive late in the afternoon and stay through the evening to ensure the office is in pristine condition when it reopens in the morning.

Whether your office needs a day porter or a custodian, Master Maintenance can help. We have been the Tampa Bay area’s premier janitorial services provider for nearly 40 years and offer a wide variety of offerings to our customers. In addition to acting as a day porter and custodian, we also provide 24/7 emergency response assistance when you and your building needs help the most.

To learn what Master Maintenance can do for you, request a consultation today.

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