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When Emergency Strikes, Who Are You Going to Call?

There are some maintenance repairs that happen so frequently that they can almost be scheduled. Ice makers tend to break down, faucets start to drip after use and toilets occasionally become clogged. On the opposite end of that spectrum are maintenance emergencies—unexpected and untimely issues like a malfunctioning air conditioner, faulty hot water heater, or a significant leak that can cause major problems for any property manager or business owner.

If you’re ever on the wrong end of one of these situations, you may be left wondering who to call when disaster strikes. In today’s post, we’ll talk through a few reasons why Master Maintenance should be your go-to for all kinds of building emergency maintenance problems.

We are a respected provider of janitorial services

If your emergency leaves a mess, you’re going to need someone to clean it up. Master Maintenance has nearly 40 years of experience in the Tampa Bay area and provides eco-friendly janitorial services you can trust. Just some of the tools we have at our disposal include electrostatic cleaners, antibacterial disinfectants, autonomous sweepers, and industrial vacuums.

We only hire the best and most professional people

We’re proud of the fact that Master Maintenance has been recognized by IMAGE, Homeland Security Investigation’s employment compliance program. As part of the agreement, Master Maintenance has pledged to maintain a secure and stable workforce and curtail the employment of unauthorized workers through outreach and education. Simply put, the IMAGE program ensures that all employees are eligible to work in the United States, which our company takes very seriously.

Additionally, we provide ample training so that employees are skilled in the different aspects of what we offer and feel comfortable providing that service to clients. The team at Master Maintenance has repeatedly received recognition from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Greater Tampa Bay and other industry associations.

We can act as a day porter and maintenance helper

One of the things that make us most unique in the janitorial industry is that we’re capable of going beyond just after-hours janitorial work. As a day porter, our representatives stay on-site to ensure a building manager or business owner’s needs are met at all times. Whether that’s starting to repair a busted hot water heater or ensuring bathrooms are neat and tidy, Master Maintenance gets it done.

We offer 24/7 emergency response

Day or night, Master Maintenance is available when there’s an emergency. If the emergency is beyond our scope, we’re happy to quickly arrive and provide triage until the right emergency personnel arrives for further assistance. And when that crew is done, we’ll swoop back in to lead the clean-up.

Dealing with an emergency is stressful enough—the last thing you want is to be unsure of what to do after one takes place. We encourage you to reach out to Master Maintenance to learn more about the services we provide and what our dedicated team of professionals can do for your workplace. Request a consultation today.


About the Author

Juan Carlos Perez is an experienced Senior Account Manager and a Registered Service Building Manager. For 15 years, Juan Carlos has been driven by client satisfaction and takes pride in being part of the janitorial industry team building, company collaboration, and professional development. Juan Carlos has been awarded TOBY awards for his service of high profile clients. Prior to joining Master Maintenance, he held a Senior Management position at Citigroup trading securities.

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