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Does My Company Need a Day Porter?

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

In the midst of a virus that has abruptly altered the course of business across the globe, the importance of sanitation can’t be stressed enough. While businesses have long recognized the need for someone to clean or tidy up public and employee spaces in the evenings or non-working hours, COVID-19 has shifted operations to an “always-on” mentality. Now more than ever, sanitation is a 24/7 job, and it must be prioritized as such. For business owners and property managers, adding a day porter to the mix represents an ideal way to ensure the premises remain pristine and employees and guests stay safe.

What does a day porter do?

In many ways, a day porter is the face of the business or the facility. It’s also the person who employees or guests might interact with when they need something. Unlike a custodian or janitor who works during off-hours, a day porter is on-site during the day (hence the name) when key stakeholders are in the building.

It’s not uncommon for a day porter to spend time keeping public-facing areas orderly to help enhance the customer experience. Additionally, day porters will restock supplies, greet guests and visitors, and run errands on behalf of leadership. Because of that kind of exposure, the day porter must have a warm and friendly attitude and be capable of representing the company or facility appropriately.

Why does my company need a day porter?

As mentioned, sanitation has taken on an entirely new level of importance since the pandemic struck. Keeping employees safe while they’re at work requires a concerted and committed effort, and a day porter can be the person leading that charge.

Many companies have added stations with disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer throughout the office—but as those supplies start to dwindle, so does compliance with sanitation. A day porter can be responsible for routinely checking those areas to confirm they are adequately stocked. Additionally, if your company has a face mask policy, the day porter can monitor supplies so that extra masks are available for employees or guests without one.

Even putting the pandemic aside, it’s always a good idea to have a day porter. These qualified and trained professionals make sure your office stays in tip-top shape, coordinating with leadership and custodial staff as needed, whether that means adding paper towels to the restroom or helping a visitor sign-in for an appointment.


The team at Master Maintenance has decades of experience acting as a day porter for companies of all sizes and in all industries within the Tampa Bay area. If you’d like to learn more about what a day porter does and how our company can help you, request a consultation today.


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